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Security Deposit:

At A1 Exotic Luxury Services we require our renters to leave a $1,000 - $5000 security deposit on our exotic car rentals, this policy is applicable in both Miami and NYC locations. If any damage is uncovered that was not previously noted and had occurred during your rental we will simply bill against the deposit. We offer both cash and credit card “authorization” as viable options for deposits on our vehicles and accept all major credit cards. Our billable damages are as follows: curbed wheels $150/wheel, dings $200/per panel, scratches or scuffs (if not buffable) $200/panel/$50/panel if buffable.


Rental Requirements/Age Limits: 

We require our renters to be a minimum age of 21 years or older, with full drivers license and insurance coverage. 


International Renters:

​A1 Exotic Luxury Services rentals are only available to insurance policy holders with insurance that transfers over to a rental vehicle, however on select vehicles we can offer damage waivers, ask an account manager for more info. Please note you usually must be an out of country client to take advantage of the insurance. 

Insurance Information:

A1 Exotic Luxury Services requires our renters to carry an insurance policy in the event of an incident. In order to rent a vehicle, customers must use the insurance policy you already have on your owned or leased vehicle. Once the insurance information is received we will simply call the insurance company to verify its authenticity and you’re on your way!

         Note: By insurance, we mean full coverage driver insurance on one or more vehicles (comprehensive, collision and liability). The ONLY special exception would be a client who has a AMEX Centurion card as this specific card offers damage waivers for high-end luxury and exotic vehicles (this service is not available for AMEX gold or platinum cardholders).  Beware of companies that offer insurance to be purchased - fleet insurance is nearly impossible to obtain for these types of vehicles - if a company offers you insurance to purchase, ask for a copy of their fleet insurance coverage to verify its authenticity. Most of the time, you're better off opening a new policy or upgrading your current policy (if that's an available option to you), that way you avoid the risk of being sued for the price of a Ferrari should you crash it with another rental company who falsely “sold” you insurance coverage.


Delivery/Pick Up:

A1 Exotic Luxury Services delivery charges vary to Miami, NYC and surrounding areas. Deliveries of 20 miles or more may be subject to special delivery rates. This charges are usually based on distance, we also account for depreciation that may occur on the vehicle going to and from your delivery destination. 

Here is a Breakdown Of Curbside Delivery Estimates Based on Distance:

Tri-State Area: NYC/5 Boroughs: $200 each way

Northern NJ: $500 each way

Southern CT: $500 each way

Long Island: $500 each way

Southern NJ: $600 each way

Philadelphia: $600 each way

Northern CT: $600 each way

 Upstate NY (North of Dutchess County): $700 each way

VT/MA/NH/RI: $700 each way

Miami Area:

Miami/Fort Lauderdale: Complimentary

West Palm Beach: $75 each way

Tampa Bay: $400 each way

Orlando: $500 each way

Key West: $500 each way

Additional Drivers:

​A1 Exotic Luxury Services allows additional drivers to be added into the rental agreement at no additional charge to the client. Simply attach and send a copy of the additional drivers license and insurance prior to the rental. Additional drivers are still subject to the same age limits as listed above. We limit your additional drivers on each vehicle to one per vehicle.

Return Procedure:

A1 Exotic Luxury Services can often accommodate most pickup times in the Miami/NYC Area, in some cases the service may be complimentary or for a fee depending on the distance. Our business is not a "free-for-all" all renters will be expected to return the vehicle at the time the vehicle was received. Clients will be billed if they ignore our return policy and bring a vehicle back late. Speak to an Account Manager for further details. 

Weather Policy:

We would like to guarantee ideal weather for the duration of your luxury car rental period however, that is not always possible. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds, or rescheduling without penalties. We do, however, offer a certain degree of flexibility regarding extreme weather such as hurricanes or other conditions which make it unsafe to drive. Our policy flexibility in these areas is largely discretionary, and concerns primarily pick-up and return/drop-off arrangements rather than the entire rental period.

Please contact us for clarification on specific details regarding our return/reschedule policies related to weather  circumstances.

Cancellation Policy:

In order to reserve a vehicle, we will collect a 50% deposit unless the rental is last minute. Your 50% deposit is not refundable so please only reserve vehicles if you're serious about actually renting them. We have found that some clients will book their exotic car before they book the flight or hotel, make sure you're 100% committed to the process before making a booking with an Account Manager. If for any reason your plans do not fall in place and there is a last minute cancellation you will not be receiving the deposit amount.

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